My navigation setup will consist of a computer with OpenCPN and a Nasa Marine AIS Engine 3

I’ve got 2 nettop computers setup¬†with the system (1 as a back-up)

Although they are different brands, they are identical in build:

– Acer Aspire Revo R3600

– Packard Bell Imax mini N1600

The HDD have been changed to SSD on both computers to speed them up

(Bought 32Gb SSD as the system only needed about 9 Gb on install)

acer-revo-3600 AisEngine3







Just got a new (well for me) order in: A Brother P-touch 1230 PC labelprinter to use on Heat Shrink Tubing.
This way, from the start, I can keep the wiring as clean as possible.