My navigation setup will consist of computers with OpenCPN

I’ll use 2 Hybrid 10.1″ Laptop/tablet computers , Connected over Wifi to a NMEA2000 backbone (Actually, I’ll use one and have 1 as reserve + my normal laptop which also has OpenCPN installed).
Advantage of these hybrids? They can be used on 12v systems like Tablets, but with the additional benefit of having a detachable keyboard.
Going N2K was made easy because of me having to start from scratch. It’s a bit more expensive, but for me the benefits outweigh the costs substantially.
The choice of the above Nav computers was for not having to install some kind of 220v inverter to power anything, however I’ll need one to get my “normal” laptop charged, sorry to say…

The base for the 12v system is a LifePo4 battery bank with a total of 320 Ah. To keep these full, I’ve got 4 Mono Solar panels with a total of 520W.
As wiring I’ll use 2.5mm² tinned copper marine grade wire, colors red and yellow (as per standard)
One exception to that will be the wires going up the mast for the nav/anchor light. This will also be 2.5mm² tinned marine grade wire, however with other colors (no choice there) and it’ll be a 3-core wire.

A Brother P-touch 1230 PC labelprinter will be used to label all Heat Shrink Tubing so I can find my way around the wires

This way, from the start, I can keep the wiring as clean as possible.







The above I’ve got all ready to put it in. except for the N2K items.

But first things first… I need to rip out every electrical/electronical thing out of the boat to start fresh…