This page is all about the Rudder.

Top half of the rudder is build as on the plans:

Douglas Fir frame, wrapped on both sides with 8mm okoume plywood (No nails or screws used)

01 03 04







50mm hole drilled, PVC Pipe inserted and fixed in place with epoxy resin and 1st coat epoxy resin applied

06 07







This is the mould I’ve used for both Rudder and Daggerboard:

Mould rudder







2 plywood panels are taped together @ an angle and placed in the mould:

08 09







Thickened Epoxy poured into the V of the 2 panels

11 10







Instead of the requested 304 RVS pipe I use a full RVS bar (only because I couldn’t find the required specs )

12 RVS Bar








Closing the bottom part of the rudder

14 Rudder closed & epoxied 15

18 Bottom part closed with 8mm plywood







Epoxied the RVS bar in place

17 Rudder closed & RVS bar installed







Filling the lower part of the rudder with pouring foam

19 Foam poured







Cleaned up the poured foam and installed the top plywood part on the rudder

21 20







Started applying E-glass on the rudder parts









Fairing the rudder parts

30 31 32 33







After sanding refairing parts before paint

Hopefully after final sanding I got a good base for base coat

34 35







Finished the rudder parts. Primed and ready for paint

Havent decided yet what paint/color I will use for the top part, but the bottom part will be Coppercoat

Forseti 37 Forseti 36