This page is all about the Daggerboard

I chose another design than the original Scarab Design, as I thought this would be easier to build

The Daggerboard is build up from 4mm Okoume plywood and Douglas Fir (which is re-inforced with Kevlar fibre cloth)










Sorry I forgot to document the first parts for the actual build

However, for part of the rudder I will use the same system, so U can check here to see the first stages

I filled the daggerboard with expanding foam and closed the bottom end with Plywood

Then put a radius on the bottom end to make applying E-glass easier

10 09 08 07 Bottom part flush + holes pouring foam







Applying E-glas with Peel ply

12 11







Started applying the fairing compound on the Daggerboard

ForSeTi 15 ForSeTi 13







Finished fairing the Daggerboard

Next up is applying the epoxy primer…

forseti 18 forseti 17 ForSeTi 16







3 coats of Epoxy primer applied to the daggerboard

forseti 19 forseti 20







Started the construction of the Daggerboard Box

Composed of fiberglassed plywood and Douglas fir timber