This page is all about the Main Hull

First thing to do was building the main support frame

Next was setting up the mold frames

Here I  took a different path from the plans (Plans needed negative mould plans, I went positive)

Because of this I could first finish the bottom outside part of the hull, and only needed to turn the hull over 1 time.

I used a self-leveling cross-laser tripod to place the panels both level and alligned (to eachother)

07 Building frame

08 09







This is my “workshop” when it rains: My Carport …







First 16 plywood sheets epoxied, glued and sheets outlined to be cut to 9m panels

04 05 06







First panels cut

10 Hull Panels cut







Mould frames taped on the sides + first panels screwed and zip-tied

11 Tape on Mould frames

12 13







Top 3 panels epoxied together








Bottom 2 panels up on the frames and epoxied together

Turning the hull right side up is getting closer…

18 19 20 21







Just straightened the stem on the main hull.

Now I have to wait for the Oregon Pine Stem parts I ordered to close up the Stem

23 22







Got the Oregon pieces friday, so installed them using thickened epoxy and screws.

Afterwards, removed the screws and filled the holes with epoxy

26 25 24







flushed the hull and stem, marked the waterline, just need to finish some spots and then its glassing time

32 31 30







Finished the spots and glassed 1 side of the hull + peel ply








Finished glassing the outside + put my tent up over the hull








Started to apply the fairing compound

As U can see on the pictures I left the edges compound free.

Thats because theres 1 more panel that should be added. I’ll add that one when the hull is right side up.

Forseti 40 Forseti 39 Forseti 38







Next part fairing compound applied
The rectangular shape I didnt fair is where the daggerboard box will be.

Forseti 41Forseti 43 Forseti 42







Fairing compound on port side applied

Stem and part of the starboard side applied. 1 more day needed to complete the application, but its just to cold…

If the temp stays this low I’ll start sanding port side.

Forseti 44 Forseti 45 Forseti 46







Applied epoxy putty on the hull. Finally finished.
Let the sanding begin…

Forseti 47Forseti 48







First sanding on the main hull finished.

Hopefully 1 more application Fairing compound followed by 1 more sanding and I can start applying the primer…

Forseti 49 Forseti 50 Forseti 51 Forseti 52







Primer applied. Just 1 more coat and then I can turn the hull right side up.

But I messed up my calculations so I need to order some more primer for the third and final coat.

Forseti 56 Forseti 55 Forseti 54







A serious milestone in my project

The hull is right side up…

Forseti 57 Forseti 58







Installing the last hull panel ( Panel 1)
As allways I used my trusted “additional hands”, the scrap pieces of plywood.