Hello World

I’m Gwen, a 49 year old guy from Belgium in Europe.

@ some time in the past, I already started thinking about building a boat and even bought plans for one (a cruising Catamaran).

Life @ that time however had different plans for me and I didnt even start with the Cat.

After some life altering events in 2014 however, I second guessed the way I had lead my life.

I bought a second set of plans, this time for a Trimaran from Team Scarab in Australia, and started my build.

Again, life got in the middle.
Finally, after another stand still, I bought an Admiral 31, and now I’m in the process of rebuilding / repairing / Upgrading this one.
Hopefully, third time is a charm…

On this website, and the linked Youtube page, I plan to document the build, and hopefully, one day, the voyage I have planned.
Planning on this is the latest @ 58 I hoist the ancor. But hopefully I can leave faster…


So if your interested, subscribe to the pages and site, and send me any questions U have.

If I can, I’ll be glad to help and or answer any questions.