Because of the bad weather @ the moment, I started on some of the interior panels

(The bulkheads that won’t change)








Try-out of the E-glass and peel ply








Started working on the main bulkheads.
Glued scarfed plywood panels together and marked them for cutting

forseti 06 forseti 07 Forseti 09







1st bulkhead made. The round holes are the corners for holes I still need to cut.
These will be cut as soon as I have more bulkheads in place.
Although it wasnt required I applied 600gr Tri-Axial fiberglass cloth to both sides.
Forseti 19 Forseti 20 Forseti 21 Forseti 22 Forseti 23 Forseti 24 Forseti 25












Started sanding down the inside of the Aft Hull, making it flush for the application of fairing compound and fiberglass

(450gr Uni)

ForSeTi 10 Forseti 11 Forseti 12 Forseti 13 forseti 14













Fairing the interior + Applying the fiberglass

forseti 15 forseti 16 forseti 17 forseti 18








Installing the first bulkhead (This is the Access bulkhead from the cockpit to the interior of the boat)
The fillets are made with a PVC Tube 20mm diameter. ( The How To on this U can find here: Youtube )
Afterwards a Bi-Axial (45/45 600gr) band was applied to strengthen everything

Forseti 29 Forseti 30 Forseti 31 Forseti 32 Forseti 33 Forseti 34 Forseti 35 Forseti 36













Fabrication of the Transom.
The plans asked for 18mm thick plywood, I ended up with 24mm thick plywood both sides wrapped with Tri-Axial 600gr cloth.
(figured the transom never could have enough strength)

Forseti 39







Transom and bulkhead 18 are glued and glassed in place
The slot to accomodate the rudder is also cut

forseti-40 forseti-41 forseti-42







I strengthened bulkhead 18 with timber on the top side.

This will also gave me support to put the cockpit floor panels in afterwards

The most aft part of this floor is the part between the transom and bulkhead 18

This floor part also has a hatch in it, which I cut in advance

forseti-52 forseti-53 forseti-59







Next up was constructing the aluminum frame.
I chose to glue the larger parts with structural glue instead of welding

This because:
1. I cant weld and sourcing it out would cost an arm and a leg
2. The strength of the structural glue actually surpasses the strength of the aluminum, so the aluminum would fail before the glue would.

The smaller parts I will have someone weld

Aluminum epoxied on the plywood bulkheads and the complete part is then epoxied and glassed into position on the hull

forseti-45 forseti-63 forseti-64 forseti-65 forseti-67 forseti-70













Lower plywood panel between bulkhead 18 and 15 glued in place

Underneath I will pour expanding foam to make for a buoyancy chamber

forseti-73 forseti-74







These are the water tank and battery compartments
They will be seperated by the partial bulkhead and the left of the second picture







Here U can see the panels that will make the water tank and battery compartment floor and roof.
The third picture shows the floors installed







And these are the 2 panels that will make the cockpit floor.
Epoxied and ready to go in.







Before installing the cockpit floor, I primed the complete cockpit side interior
Panels are glued in place with epoxy







Next up in the list is fixing (gluing) the front bunk panels onto the cockpit floor







While the epoxy on the above panels is drying, I did some work on the door frame.
It consists of an Aluminium U-frame covered on both sides with timber, glued with epoxy.







Little intermezzo while the weather turned wet…

Construction of the entry hatch