Dinghy 01

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When looking around for a dinghy my first requirement was the required space. I didnt want to have to hoist a dinghy onto the main hull everytime I didnt use it.
I was first looking @ a Porta Bote, but the price and time it took to “unfold” it made me put this aside.
Then I found the Wooden Widget Fliptail.
In my opinion it not only is easier to “unfold”, it also is way cheaper.
That primarely is because you need to build it yourself. But after starting the build of the Trimaran a dinghy seems a lot easier…
This is the template to bend the hoops for the dinghy. Its an MDF board 18mm, covered in plastic. I used some ducktape to fix the plastic to the mdf. The original plans require wooden blocks as a base to bend the hoops, but I opted for metal L-hooks.
ForSeTi 01ForSeTi 02ForSeTi 03
To be sure the ducktape stays on the mdf, I added several screwed washers.
ForSeTi 04

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