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Again… bad weather.

So I continued with the Interior. But this also has some advantages.

Last week I ordered E-glass and Peel Ply.I’ll be using that on the main hull.

However, the bad weather gives me the opportunity to do a try out of the peel ply on a smaller piece before I use it on that hull.

I was surprised on how easy it is to work with.

Only “problem” I had was trimming the E-glass when it started to cure while the peel ply was still in place.

I had to peel the peel ply back a little to get access to the edge of the plywood to cut the E-glass.

But then, I wont need to do that on the main hull

E-glass and peel ply applied
Close up: E-glass and peel ply applied
Peel ply removed after cure and E-glass trimmed
Close Up: Peel ply removed after cure and E-glass trimmed









Watch for a video on this on my Youtube channel…

I’ll be posting it in the next couple days

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    I would appreciate if you can post detailed pictures of the aluminum ring frame when you are already at it.

    • ForSeTi.Avalon9


      The alluminium frame will be a bit of a wait.
      probably something for next summer.
      Up till then I’ll be finishing the outside, turn the hull and start on the inside.


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