Main Hull 03

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After some bad weather, this WE I finally had the opportunity to continue working on the Main Hull

The top 3 panels already were epoxied together.








This WE I put up the bottom 2 panels on each side and epoxied them.

Getting closer to turning the hull…

18 19 20 21







If anyone wants to know more about the pieces of plywood I use keep an eye on my Youtube channel. I’ll upload a video about those in the next days.

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  1. Hi Gwen!
    Very nice to see you are progressing with Avalon 9,, the boat I’ve chose to build next year,,amaizingly our ideas about the internal liyot us the same as well. I ve also decided to skip rised side berths to make saloon more roomy. Will follow your build as probably many others, so your experience is important to me as none of us have the ability to predict or avoid all possible mistakes. Wish you very GOOD LUCK! If you plan one day to sail mediterranean I will be happy to see you here in Cyprus!!! Best Wishes! Vadim

    • ForSeTi.Avalon9

      Hi Vadim
      If I leave on the boat I will want to sail the world, and the med is off course part of that.
      I hope, in some way, this site, together with the Youtube page and FB page, will help U when U start your build next year
      (like learn from my mistakes and dont repeat them lol)

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